About Us

About Us

The Collins Church is a congregation of The Global Methodist Church that serves God’s interests in our community and world. We are a ministry located in Collins, Ohio with an opportunity for worship each week.

Our Mission Statement:

“To lead people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and develop them as disciples.”

Our Core Values:

1. The Bible is our source of authority.
2. The gospel is transformational in life.
3. Prayer is our source of power.
4. The community of the Holy Spirit is experienced through worship, small groups, and relevant preaching.

Our “recipe” for being the church includes friendly fellowship, a warm smile and hand shake, traditional and contemporary music, and relevant Biblical preaching with a little bit of humor and current news.

We also put great emphasis on continuing Christian study beyond the Sunday worship services with Sunday School and small group studies for adults, youth, and children. There are multiple opportunities to join a small group, which are constantly evolving and open to new persons all the time.

The congregation is committed to outreach in the local community and the world. Our churches are associated with many missionaries and mission groups all over the world.

The Collins Church is multi-generational. There are opportunities for all ages to become involved through study, outreach, and fellowship.

Our Church’s Identity Finds Focus in Three Statements:

We are Christians

1. We follow Jesus Christ! Jesus said, “Come follow me …” Mark 1:17
2. We are not trying to be religious, or even spiritual. We are people who have entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ by faith and live as His disciples.

We Are Evangelicals

The word, evangelical, is rooted in the phrase “good news”! We understand our faith through lens of the Protestant Reformation.

~ The Bible is the Word of God

~ Jesus was the one of a kind Son of God in a human body.

~ God’s plan to rescue humanity (Salvation) from the results of spiritual rebellion is rooted in the life, death, & resurrection of Jesus.

~ Because God has shown us favor we don’t deserve (Grace), we connect to God’s plan by faith

~ A person can experience God’s forgiveness, acceptance, and become a new person through a spiritual new birth.

~ God the Holy Spirit dwells in the lives of those who are faith followers of Jesus.

~ The Community of the Holy Spirit is experienced in fellowship with the Church, the people of God.

~ God the Holy Spirit empowers us to live in ways that reflect the character & core values of Jesus (Holiness).

~ The Christian life is a relationship with God and the people of God (The Church).

~ We live in mission & ministry

We Are Wesleyans

Our spiritual heritage traces itself back to John Wesley and the beginning of the Methodist movement in the 18th Century.

A Wesleyan spirituality finds focus in:

~ God’s Love

  • In love and mercy, God enables all people to come to Him through faith in Jesus Christ.

~ God’s Grace

  • God seeks us first and invites us to experience His new life through repentant faith in Jesus.

~ A Relationship With God

  • We can know God personally and live with an assurance of His forgiveness & acceptance.
  • Our relationship with God moves us to serve His interests in other people.