Our Ministries

Our Mission Statement:

 To lead people to a saving relationship  with Jesus Christ and develop them as Disciples.

Small  Group Ministries

We are a church OF small groups – not  just a church with small groups.
Come join in!


8:30 am at West Hartland: "Authentic: Developing the Disciplines of a Sincere Faith" by James McDonald - led by Cathy Seamans.

9:00 am at Collins Meeting Room each Second Sunday : Wake up with Women's Ministry Breakfast.

9:00 am at Collins Fellowship Hall each Second Sunday: Men’s Ministry Breakfast, led by Bob Crites and Joe Kovach.

9:30 am at Collins
Kitchen –  reading Ephesians, led by Barb Kramer.
Room – Right Now Media study of the book of Ephesians, by J.D. Greear, led by Dale Hopkins.

9:15 am at Collins Upper Room: DVD by Bob Russell on Matthew, led by Bob Crites.

9:15 am at Collins Good News Room: Right Now media study called "Whisper" - hearing the voice of God - for young adults, led by Angel Rivera III.


9:30 am at Collins Meeting room:  Women in Prayer for any woman who'd like to pray for a child, led by Kathy Littleton.

10:30 am : " Through the Word",  Bible study led by Pastor Josh in the Collins Meeting room, studying the book of John.

6:30 pm at Collins - Exercise with Averett, women only.


9:30 am at Collins - Exercise with Averett - low impact

10:30 am Collins Meeting Room - Card Ministry, led by Eileen Arrington.

6:30 pm at Collins - Exercise with Averett, women only.

6:30 pm: Tuesdays with Jesus, prayer and praise, rotating between churches according to the Church Administrative Council schedule.


9:30 am at CollinsExercise with Averett - low impact.

10:00 am small group hosted by Barb Miller.

6:30 pm at Collins - Exercise with Averett, women only.

7:00 pm at Collins : Collins Praise Team meets in the Collins Worship area.



8:00 am at West Hartland : West Hartland Praise Team meets in WH sanctuary.

 Another of our ministries is "Under His Wings" Respites. Please visit the website for more information.

Our Vision

Our vision is for every person in our church to be connected to a group that fits them and meets a need in their lives, and for every person in a small group to be connected to worship.

Our Core Values

~ We value small groups as the heart beat of our church’s ministry
~ We value pastoral care as the ministry of small group members to one another.
~ We value the Bible as God’s authoritative Word to us.
~ We value the multiplication of small groups as the means of widening the circle of this ministry to people.
~ Our church’s small group ministry links people together and with God for encouragement, study, relationship building, and service.
~ There are different types of small groups, with each designed to serve a purpose in a person’s life.