Collins & West Hartland United Methodist Churches

Our Ministries

Our Mission Statement:

To lead people to a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and develop them as Disciples.

Small Group Ministries

We are a church OF small groups – not just a church with small groups. Come join in!


  8:30 am at West Hartland: Led by Cathy Seamans, studying The Grace of Les Miserables by Matt Rawle.

  9:00 am at Collins on 2nd Sunday of the month: Women's Ministry Breakfast.

  9:00 am at Collins on 2nd Sunday of the month: Men's Ministry Breakfast.

  9:15 am at Collins Meeting Room: Study Group led by Bob Crites.

  9:30 am at Collins Kitchen: Study Group led by Barb Kramer, studying the Book of Genesis.


  9:15 am at Collins Meeting Room: Card Ministry, led by Eileen Arrington.

10:00 am at Collins: "Through the WordBible study, led by Pastor Josh, now in the Book of Exodus.

  6:30 pm at Collins: Exercise with Joann.


  4:00 pm at Collins: AWANA for youth K - 5th grade; CRAZY HAT NIGHT.

  7:00 pm at Collins: MAD HOUSE; for youth 7 - 12th grade.


10:00 am at Collins: Womens small group hosted by Barb Miller & led by Eileen Arrington, will meet with a study of The Grace of Les Miserables, by Matt Rawle.

  5:30 pm at Collins: Thursdays at the Throne; a time of prayer & Praise.

  7:00 pm at Collins: Collins Praise Team practice.

Another of our ministries is "Under His Wings" Respites . Please visit for more information. 



Our vision is for every person in our church to be connected to a group that fits them and meets a need in their lives, and for every person in a small group to be connected to worship.


~ We value small groups as the heart beat of our church’s ministry

~ We value pastoral care as the ministry of small group members to one another.

~ We value the Bible as God’s authoritative Word to us.

~ We value the multiplication of small groups as the means of widening the circle of this ministry to people.

~ Our church’s small group ministry links people together and with God for encouragement, study, relationship building, and service.

~ There are different types of small groups, with each designed to serve a purpose in a person’s life.